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welcome back current clients!
(we've worked together previously within the past 12 months)

Designed for returning existing clients, this appointment is a full service comprehensive overview of your current routine and goals for your hair. In addition to cleansing, conditioning, styling, and cutting your hair, we'll also talk about about how your home routine has developed over time and areas of improvement. 

Feel free to ask questions and take photos and/or videos during our time together so that you can recreate your style simply and easily at home. I always take photos and I'm happy to share.

new client intake
please carefully review the following

how to arrive for your appointment


clean hair

wear your hair down

bring photos

what to expect

make sure your hair is recently washed

Hair should have been cleansed within the last 2-3 days prior to appointment

Hair needs to be fully detangled (excessive tangles will result in an additional fee)

Hair should be completely dry ( scalp to ends) upon arrival

Avoid products with oils and butters

the state of your hair

Your hair needs to be down in its natural state with minimal to moderate product. Your hair will be cut dry, the desired form will be created. Following the cut, your hair will be deep-cleansed, hydrated, dried, shaped and refined. This includes a tips to care for your hair at home


Photos are great tools to use during the consultation. Please bring photos that show your desired look and those that you don't like.  Also feel free to take photos during your appointment!

first visit

I encourage you to bring the products that you're currently using so that we can review the ingredients and efficacy to see if they're the best products for you. I'll perform a hair analysis which includes how your hair interacts with water (porosity), and how the products you're using are supporting your hair goals. Your hair and scalp will be detoxed and conditioned using botanically based products so that we have an opportunity to assess what your hair looks and feels like when it's at it's optimal state.  

Relax...happy hair is on the horizon 

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