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My journey into curl care began with DevaCurl.  DevaCurl training provided me with a solid foundation in curl cutting.  I was so happy with my experience that I became a part of their education team. I am aIso certified in the Rëzo Cutting technique and offer both services.


I am a hairstylist and I am an artist. These qualities blend together allowing me to provide custom shapes and cuts that are best suited for your curl type. No cookie cutter hair cuts over here!

What to expect

The service begins with a dry cut, followed be cleansing and conditioning. The curls will be defined and set and the shape will be fine tuned once completely dry.

How to arrive for your appointment

  • Please arrive with your hair down ie. No clips, hair ties, head bands, etc.

  • Your hair must be 100% dry at the time of your appointment.

  • Be prepared to discuss your current curl care routine and the products you’re using.

  • Bring inspiration pics!

If you are interested in a curly service, please note the following:


  • There are very few available appointments due to the number of existing clients.  For that reason intake of new clients is inactive. However, in preparation for an appointment when one becomes available, please do the following. If there is an opening that fits your schedule you may schedule after service desires have been discussed.

  • Send photos of your hair to (704) 909- 3698 and express which service you are interested in .

  • Consultations are required for all highlight and color services

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