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Taking a little extra time to properly prepare for your hair appointment can lead to better results.


We want your experience at Persimmon Salon to be as pleasant and relaxing as possible, so please allow about 5 minutes of time to find a parking space. 

Blakeney shopping center has lots of parking space however it's a busy location. The physical address is 9852 Rea Road F2 Charlotte, NC 28277 inside of Sola Salons. Once inside look for suite 107!



A consultation at Persimmon Salon is necessary to access the current state of your hair, home care and hair goals. Consultations are performed at the beginning at your service appointment. 


1. DETOX & EXFOLIATE: (For the best results) At least a week before your appointment, prepare to detox and clarify your hair. Stop using products with silicones, butters, or oils in them. Start by shampooing your hair with an oil-free/ butter-free/ silicone- free clarifying shampoo. The shampoo will be labeled “clarifying” or ‘detoxifying”. The following products tend to contain at least one of the following mentioned above: Shea Moisture, Cantu, Camille Rose, Pantene, As I Am or ANYTHING similar. Our favorite is Un-doo Go by Malibu C which can be purchased here 

***This is a recommendation not a requirement

2. CONDITION: We recommend any conditioner by Innersense which can be purchased at Persimmon Salon or here 

3. STYLE Please arrive with your hair detoxed, conditioned, in a dry Wash and Go/ Curly Set (your best curls). Your hair should be as defined as possible using a water- based curl defining product. We recommend anything from I create hold, quiet calm and I create volume from Innersense. You may have never attempted a Wash & Go/Curl set before, and that's fine- just do your best. At your appointment, we will give you feedback and teach you how to achieve your best Wash & Go yet!

PLEASE DO NOT use bobby pins, head wraps, ponytails, headbands, rubber bands, hats, clips, etc on the day of your appointment. Your stylist needs to see your natural curl pattern and how your hair falls in order to perform the cut properly. Your hair should be completely out in a dry upon arrival


Sometimes your desired result may not be achievable with just one visit to the salon. After  discussing your hair goals with your stylist, she can recommend a hair regime and timeline that will give you the results and look that you desire.  If you have been using products with butters, oils and silicones it will likely take more than one session to achieve your desired results.
Your stylist will advise you on styling options in between appointments, how to care for your hair at home, and also how you can evolve your style through the seasons.


We appreciate our potential clients for taking the time  to read how to prepare for an appointment with us. It really makes a difference. Thank you for considering Persimmon Salon for your curly hair care needs, we appreciate your business and we hope to see you in the salon soon!