so happy you're here!

before jumping in..

A couple of options are available to new clients to ensure that we establish a hair care plan. We will continue to work together as we move toward achieving your hair care goals.

Being open to the process, doing your part and understanding that goals may not be met over night will make the journey an enjoyable one! I'm excited to hold your hand through this experience!


are you ready?

If you are ready to fully commit to wearing and embracing your natural hair, the following items below are the only options available for new clients.


The base price for this service starts at 275, from there the price increases based on time that will be devoted to cutting, conditioning and styling based on your unique hair needs. A gentle clarifying treatment will prep your hair for your in salon service and home care.


***An in person consultation is strongly suggested which will provide time to have in depth hair goal discussion and to be provided with a clear understanding on final cost of service.



"If I could make my hair look like this at home"

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that statement I could retire. This service includes a curly cut but YOU get to style your hair with me helping you every step of the way. I will be able to provide feedback on your technique and offer solutions. You will be able to feel your hair and know if it needs more water, more product or both. The goal is to always have amazing hair, not just when you leave the salon. The base price for this service starts at 375.


During these appointments you will learn about the characteristics of your hair which include the following:


  • porosity

  • surface texture

  • density

  • product selection 

only during hands on will you get the full experience of styling*

Review this before scheduling your appointment