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At Persimmon Salon, our curly cuts combine specialized techniques and 15 years of hair designing experience. Training in DevaCut, Rëzo Cut, and Cut it Kinky allows us to deliver personalized haircuts for all curl patterns.

Serena - Persimmon Salon


Formally the "express cut", this dry service is for existing guests who wish to maintain their current hair shape within 4-6 months after previous haircut. The CURL RENEW option is the best-suited dry haircut service after 4-6 months have elapsed since the last curl maintenance.


Express curly cuts are dry services. There's no cleansing or styling involved. However, this quick service requires your cooperation. Arrive with freshly washed, styled, dry hair and you'll be back to your day in no time!


The newest curl service offering is CURL RENEW! Perfect for those who understand their curls, have a solid hair regimen and simply want a frills. Must have received a service at Persimmon Salon in the past.
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