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welcome to a trauma free, judgement free zone!
welcome to 
persimmon salon


Welcome to your full spectrum curly hair destination! The goal is not only to provide a service, but to provide an experience. Enhanced by organic hair care products within a space devoted to only you, your service will be infused with education and useful tips backed by 15 years of experience. Please know that I don't take lightly the importance of finding a haircare provider that understands curly hair, it's nuances and characteristics. It's at the core of what I do.


This site will provide helpful information to guide you along your way answering many of the questions you may have. In preparation for an appointment, please use the link below to complete the preliminary consultation. Your next steps will follow after you submit your information.  Please check back soon for site updates. I look forward to working with you.



If you are new here, Welcome! Please see (START HERE! below) for us to gather more information about you and your curly hair goals.  Your service request(s) will be reviewed to see if  your criteria can met at Persimmon Salon.

  1. If  requests can be met, we happily welcome you aboard or you will receive a request for an in person consultation if necessary.

  2. Your patience is appreciated as multiple service requests are received.

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